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ld Directors
Midwest 2
Name: Rebecca Palmer
Chapter: Purdue - Alpha
Chapters in Region: Dayton - Gamma, Kentucky - Epsilon, Ohio Northern - Iota, Cincinnati - Alpha Beta, Wright State -Alpha Zeta
Degree: Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Current City: Detroit, MI
Job: Analysis Engineer at General Motors Fun Facts:
• Played the clarinet for 12 years
• Studied abroad in Madrid
• Really want a Chevy Silverado truck
What were you most looking forward to as an RFD? Getting to see how our di erent chapters are unique and helping chapters learn from each other
Advice to Actives: You don’t have to be
in a formal position in your chapter
to help out. Every one of our sisters
has something to contribute to the organization,  nd what you are passionate about and get involved!
Midwest 3
Name: Alaina Austin Schwall
Chapter: Purdue - Alpha
Chapters in Region: Purdue - Alpha, Michigan - Eta, Louisville - Alpha Gamma, Michigan State - Alpha Delta, Vanderbilt - Alpha Eta
Degree: Aerospace Engineering, B.S. Current City: Philadelphia, PA
Job: Applications Engineer
Fun Facts:
• Favorite sports team is the St. Louis Blues • I ride a yellow Kawasaki Ninja
• I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years
What were you most looking forward to as an RFD? Getting to know other chapters and sisters! Providing guidance and an alumna perspective.
Advice to Actives: Use your RFD as a resource! Better to loop us in earlier than later, if a situation may escalate. Also, RFDs can be a sounding board to bring challenges to and talk through resolutions with someone removed and unbiased.
Midwest 4
Name: Kathryn Spencer
Chapter: Connecticut - Theta
Chapters in Region: Arkansas - Kappa, Missouri S&T - Rho, Houston - Upsilon, Illinois Urbana Champaign - Alpha Epsilon
Degree: Biomedical Engineering, B.S. Current City: San Diego, CA
Job: Sr Process Development Engineer Fun Facts:
• I like to rock climb
• I am a HUGE fan of college basketball (GO
• I have a younger sister who is also my
grand little in my chapter
What were you most looking forward to as an RFD? Connecting with the chapters I am working closely with and providing them with advice and act as a sounding board if they have any di culties that come up during the year.
Advice to Actives: Reach out to us! We are here whenever you need us and are only an email or phone call away.
Spring 2019

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