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East 1
Name: Rebekah Paiser
Chapter: Connecticut - Theta
Chapters in Region: Connecticut - Theta, Rutgers - Xi, Penn State - Lambda, Penn State Behrend - Alpha Iota, Bu alo - Alpha Omicron
Degree: Biomedical Engineering, B.S., M.S.
Current City: Moodus, CT
Job: Clinical Engineer at VA Connecticut Healthcare System
Fun Facts:
• I own four wonderful pups all under the
age of four
• I love going on the 4-wheeler
• I crazy meal prep and make 40 containers
of meals on the weekends
What were you most looking forward to as an RFD? I looked forward to helping chapters become better connected with each other and nationals.
Advice to Actives: remember to have fun! You are only in school for a short while, and although school, Phi Rho, and other activities and work can make college challenging it’s your one time in life to really enjoy it and embrace opportunities before you have to graduate and have a full time job.
East 2
Name: Courtney Riley-Couch
Chapter: Michigan - Eta
Chapters in Region: Florida - Tau, Pittsburgh - Zeta, Virginia Commonwealth - Omega, Howard - Phi
Degree: Mechanical Engineering, B.S. and currently pursuing Engineering Management, M.S.
Current City: Nashville, TN
Job: Field Quality Investigation Engineer at
Fun Facts:
• I have a 2 year old labradoodle named
• I just got married in September
What were you most looking forward
to as an RFD? I love being able to help other chapters make their undergraduate experience the best it can be. I also enjoy helping chapter connect with each other in ways that they probably wouldn’t normally.
Advice to Actives: Be involved in things you are passionate about! Also just remember that college is temporary so make the best of the good times and know that the hard times will pass.
Midwest 1
Name: Miranda Vargas
Chapter: Toledo - Delta
Chapters in Region: Ohio State - Beta, Toledo - Delta, Case Western - Omicron, Youngstown - Alpha Alpha
Degree: Bioengineering, B.S.
Current City: Bloomington, IN
Job: CAPA Engineer at Cook Medical
Fun Facts:
• I can’t obnoxiously quote all the Harry
Potter  lms
• I currently play in adult kickball league • I was born on arguably the best holiday:
What were you most looking forward to as an RFD? I am really excited to be involved on a National level again and meet more of my sisters! It’s an amazing experience to be able to explore various chapter dynamics and help them  ourish!
Advice to Actives: Keep in mind that just like people, chapters grow and change. Your chapter has probably changed already from the time you joined, and that is okay, change can accomplish amazing things. Look how much our sorority overall has grown since 1984! Don’t be afraid if you’re chapter isn’t exactly the one you joined, as long as you put forth your best e ort to steer it down a good path, it will be the chapter and the home that future sisters need.
The Key of Phi Sigma Rho
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