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Letter from the President
Dear Sisters,
This year we will celebrate 35 years of Phi Sigma Rho. Let that sink in. This is a tremendous achievement, and I feel incredibly humbled, honored, and proud to have been chosen to serve on National Council and get a front row seat to the organization’s growth into what it is today. When I look at our membership, I see diverse women coming from all walks of life and going in many di erent directions professionally and personally. We have avid travelers, strong executives, outspoken advocates, super moms, innovators, entrepreneurs, and any
other type of woman you can imagine. We have women who look like me and women who do not. We have women with whom I agree and women with whom I do not. My horizons have been forever expanded by my inspirational sisters.
At one of our national meetings years ago, I recall attending programming called “Living Your Ritual.” The basic theme was to strive to exude our values in all activities. No one is perfect, of course, but my very biased opinion is that our sisters do this very well. I personally have made forever friends, received academic support and assistance, and been given copious amounts of encouragement through this organization, and it is because our women live their ritual in all aspects of their lives.
We are Phi Sigma Rho sisters, not just sisters of our individual chapters, and that has never been more apparent to me than in the last several years. When I moved abroad, sisters who lived in that country welcomed me with open arms and accepted me into their lives. When work stress or life got me down, sisters from all over lifted me up and had my back. And most recently, I was beaming with joy and pride when an LGBT Phi Rho Facebook support group was created and enthusiastically received. I can’t even begin to list all the ways this organization has improved my life and made me a better person, and I am truly thankful to be a part of it. Sisters consistently come together to support each other, long after school is  nished and not just within their own chapters. As our resident Phi Rho cheerleader, Christine Jackson, would rightly say, “It’s a beautiful thing!”
I ask you to think about your time with Phi Sigma Rho, whether it’s been 35 weeks, 35 years, or anywhere in between. Who touched your life in a way you’ll never forget? How has Phi Rho shaped who you are today? Who has inspired you and how? What has the sorority given you, and what can you give back to it? That is what Phi Sigma Rho is about: an enduring sisterhood and building the future together.
National meetings have been the setting for many of my favorite Phi Rho memories and have allowed me to meet sisters from far and wide. They are special events that you can’t truly appreciate until you go, and we make important decisions for the future of our organization. I urge you to consider attending Convention this summer and celebrating this milestone with your sisters. I also encourage you to remember those special women who touched your life and recognize them with award nominations! We have many awards that we want to use to honor these amazing women, so please help us do so.
Here’s to another 35 years of friendship, scholarship, and encouragement, ladies. Continue to be there for each other, build each other up, and move this organization, and the world, in a positive direction. I can’t wait to see where you take us!
In Sisterhood,
Becky Caldwell
Arkansas - Kappa
President, 16th National Council
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