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Special Committee
Allison Lenho 
Michigan - Eta
Past National Council President
and board member
Instrumental in Incorporating Chapters under PSR Non-pro t status
Rashmi Khanna Drummond
Purdue - Alpha
Sorority Founder First National Council President Nonpro t business founder and CEO
Christine Mooney Jackson
Purdue - Alpha
Alpha Chapter Alpha Class Foundation Founding Treasurer and longtime board member
Nikki Yovanof Little
Penn State - Lambda
Lambda Chapter founder Past National Council President and board member
Mary McWilliams
Ohio State - Beta
Beta Chapter founder
Past National Council President NSBE long time board member Instrumental in restructuring NSBE
Leanne Smith Price
Purdue - Alpha
Alpha Housing Corporation Founder
Abby McDonald Schwartz
Purdue - Alpha
Sorority Founder Nonpro t business founder
Christine Vuckovich MacLaren
Toledo - Delta
Past National Council President
on the Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority Facebook page or by emailing We look forward to an ongoing discussion as we all move Phi Sigma Rho into the future.
Yours in Sisterhood,
Organizational Structure Committee
When Phi Sigma Rho was founded in 1984, the goals focused on building a meaningful sisterhood which would encompass chapters across the country. Over the years we have built a strong collegiate sisterhood, which is still growing, and we have also built a signi cant alumnae network. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we are looking to build on our accomplishments and make a commitment to our future success.
Last year a special committee was formed by National Council consisting of past leaders to research and to determine a possible organizational structure for the future of Phi Sigma Rho. The committee took a thorough look at who we are as a Sorority, how we do things, and what we strive to be in the future. Initial drafts of a possible new organizational structure, governing documents, and procedures have been developed and are under review and open for commenting. After months of work, the committee is excited to share a peek at some of the highlights and concepts that could take Phi Sigma Rho well into the future.
Focus on our Founding Principles: As women in engineering, friendship and encouragement are crucial to helping us reach our goals. We also truly value the social components of Phi Sigma Rho in helping us achieve and think creatively. Every action we take moving forward should consider these founding principles as our guide. With this direction in mind, potential new Vision, Mission, Culture, and Values statements were drafted by the committee to con rm our dedication to Friendship, Scholarship, and Encouragement all within our chosen pursuit of Engineering. Drafts of possible new governing documents were also developed to ensure that our organization and every action we take could fall within this proposed Vision.
Spring 2019
Value Our Alumnae: The Phi Sigma Rho experience in college creates bonds of friendship, as well as role models in our  elds of study. These relationships with each other and the Sorority should not end at graduation. As we progress through life, friendship, encouragement, and learning from each other still play a consistent role. More programs could be developed to engage our sisters where they live and keep us connected in a lifelong sisterhood.
Give Every Sister A Voice: Major decisions regarding who we are as a sisterhood should be made by all those who are interested. An updated voting structure could help to ensure that all members have a voice.
Unite Under A Common Vision: The various entities that make up Phi Sigma Rho, the National Sorority, the Foundation, and a future Housing Corporation should work together to ensure we are all working towards a common vision. With the possible new organization structure, the committee envisions a Visionary Council that could also be formed, which could be a joint council of leaders from each entity and four other visionary leaders from the organization. Such a Visionary Council could then meet twice a year to create and maintain a long- term vision and advise Sorority leadership when developing periodic campaigns to support that vision.
As Phi Sigma Rho continues to grow and evolve, the sisterhood we begin in college can and should provide friendship, support, and growth as we journey through life. We are con dent that this possible new structure we are working on could unite us in this vision.
The initial drafts of the possible Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies (CBPs) are available to view and comment on the “Phi Sigma Rho Organizational Structure Open Forum” Facebook group. This is a private group, so you need to request access by commenting

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