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Letter from the
Foundation President
As an active, we are surrounded by our sisters and have events that keep us going day to day throughout the school year. Attending recruitment events and socials as we catch up with our sisters and gaining another. Being there when your little has her heart broken. Hitting the gym together as you plan for that 5K or half marathon. Dedicating time towards research or that Capstone project. Pushing each other to study, when you really want to be doing anything else.
As an alumna, we tend to live our values in more simple ways. Keeping in touch for major life events. Traveling near and far to meet for an hour or maybe a weekend. Picking up the phone when a sister calls. Cheering for each other, both in person and from afar. Excelling in the work place and getting that promotion or another degree. Being recognized for innovation or leadership, and being that asset to take your company to the next level.
These words are a part of our founding principles as Phi Rhos and introduced as our values at the earliest stages of sisterhood. It is simple to live these in our everyday lives, but we can  nd ourselves doing so quietly. I invite you live it loudly. Reach out to your old chapter and attend one of their events. Update your information with the Sorority to hear about all the latest news. Re-energize your alumnae association and send a delegate to vote at Convention this year. Dedicate a donation to the Foundation towards your favorite scholarship program or sponsor a LEAP session. Look for Phi Rho’s as your company recruits at colleges. Share your success and mentor the next generation of Phi Sigma Rho so they too can succeed.
There are many ways to live your values loudly. As our sisterhood grows, let’s show the world just how we do it as members of Phi Sigma Rho.
With Phi Rho Love,
Janelle Becker
Ohio State - Beta
President, Phi Sigma Rho Foundation
The Key of Phi Sigma Rho

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