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Anne: Initiation was incredibly special! While I was a candidate, I was told my mom might be able to go because she’s a sister; however, at the time, the date for Initiation was secret to candidates. When I asked if she could come, she shrugged and said, “How can you expect me to go to an event if you don’t know the date?” Because of this, I was so shocked when we made eye contact during the ritual that I instantly teared up. For the record, Taylor McCanna, the hero of the story, had already contacted her before I even knew to ask! I am so happy that I got to share that experience with my mom. It drove home the idea of being part of a sisterhood for life!
Best piece of advice you’ve ever received:
Anne: My dad, Bryan Roach, is full of wisdom and has always encouraged me to surround myself with people who are di erent from me and challenge me. I  rmly believe that it stunts your growth as a professional, student, and even friend if you remain in a bubble of like-minded people. Phi Sigma Rho gave me the opportunity to become great friends with women from diverse backgrounds and talents who challenge each other to be their best self and own up to their accomplishments. My best friends are from di erent backgrounds and have di erent passions, lifestyles, and goals. Their unique perspectives have helped me grow into who I am today and who I choose to be in the future.
Who is your role model and why?
Jennifer: My dad. He was not only the  rst person in my family to go to college, he was also the  rst person in his family to graduate high school! After serving in the Peace Corps in Columbia, he worked full time, got married and raised 2 kids while going to night school over 10 years. He graduated with an Associates, Bachelors, and  nally an MBA. His sacri ce and perseverance changed our family tree, making it possible for me to go to the college of my choice and have the on-campus college experience.
How do you balance a career with motherhood?
Jennifer: My husband, Bryan Roach is an amazing partner and father. From the beginning, we have been a close family unit that has always acted as a team with a goal of success for all. My in-laws have been essential ‘back-up’ support, including ‘Camp Meme and Granddad’ with pickup and delivery. We have made some beautiful memories with extended family over the years, for which we are extremely grateful. I look forward to the future as our family expands and grows.
When have you been most satisfied in your life?
Jennifer: Right now, I feel like I am in the sweet spot! I love my
family and they love me. Our kids are thriving and going after their
dreams. I am enjoying my P&G Career where I have worked for 28
years and led breakthrough innovation in  ve di erent divisions
of the company. I have earned the respect of senior executives
and their trust to successfully lead some of the highest growth programs in the company.
Jennifer 1988
Anne 2019
Our family from left to right: Bryan, James, Jennifer, Anne, and Laura
Anne: I’d also have to say now! I’m graduating in May with a BS in Chemical Engineering and minors in Spanish and global engineering studies. I am joining the bourbon industry back home in Kentucky and can’t wait to tackle new projects and challenges at Sazerac. While leaving Purdue is a weird concept, I’m ready for the adventures just around the corner. I’m also seriously considering graduate school, so I may be visiting pretty often.
Spring 2019  13
Anne at work - Sazarac warehouse
Anne’s phi rho family from left to right: Anne, Jacki Anderson (GG-Big), Taylor McCanna (Big)

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