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Legacy Spotlight: Jennifer and Anne Roach, Purdue - Alpha
Jennifer Armour Roach
Purdue - Alpha, Epsilon Class
Degree: BS Chemical Engineering 1991, MBA 2003 Current Job: Associate Director, R&D HomeCare Development, Procter & Gamble
Favorite Phi Sigma Rho moments:
1. Anne’s Initiation
2. Going to National Convention together
3. Sleepovers at the house
(Mother) Did you contact anyone to let them know your daughter would be rushing?
Jennifer: While on campus for Anne’s registration date (STAR) the summer before her freshman year, I was wearing my forever Phi Rho shirt, when we were stopped by a random person on the street who gave us hugs and handed Anne a rainbow cupcake! This happy baker was Annie Tarabini, a Phi Rho who gave Anne the most epic greeting to campus I have ever seen! Annie had baked some cupcakes to give to some friends and had one extra one in her hand at the moment she passed us on the street and saw my shirt. Now that’s some PRL!
(Daughter) What was it like to rush as a legacy?
Anne: I knew Phi Rho was an organization that my mom had been a part of in college and that most of her bridesmaids and college friends were sisters. I also had been able to meet Phi Rhos as a kid in middle school or so through joining my mom at events for the Women in Engineering Program at Purdue, and I looked up to them a lot because they were pretty, smart, and passionate about engineering. I walked into freshman year knowing I wanted to join, but I honestly had no idea what to expect. Rushing in the fall semester at Purdue is very hectic. I told Phi Rhos while rushing that my mom was a sister, but overall, the rush process was the same for everyone. My mom was enthusiastic when I would call her to gush, but a lot had changed in the sorority and Greek community since she was active, so she wasn’t much help other than encouraging me to do what I wanted. For the entire candidate process, I was giving her “Did you know?” kind of updates, and she would just say “Yeah, we did that while I was active,” or “Ooh! That’s new.” It was fun learning everything from two perspectives.
Something people might not know about us:
Anne: We’re not the only engineers in our family! Between growing up on a farm with constant projects and problem solving to ‘Take Your Kids to Work Day’ at Procter & Gamble, both of my siblings and I caught the bug to be an engineer. James, Laura, and I were even on campus at Purdue at the same time for some of it. While James and I decided to take the chemical engineering route like our mom, Laura is the rebel of the family, choosing industrial engineering (and loving it)! Our entire household works hard and has a healthy appreciation of very nerdy jokes.
Explain the first sorority event you attended together and how you felt:
Anne Louise Roach
Purdue - Alpha, Alpha Pi Class
Degree: BS Chemical Engineering May 2019 Committed Job: Manufacturing Engineering, Glenmore Distillery, Sazerac
Above: Initiation Fall 2014 Below: National Conference 2016
Jennifer: Anne’s Initiation! Anne’s Big, Taylor McCanna, invited me to the Initiation. It was so hard keeping it a secret from Anne! Taylor arranged for me to stay in the house and get ready with the sisters. The ceremony was identical to mine, except many more sisters were present and it was so much more meaningful for me at this age. During the ritual, I thought of all my sisters and what they have meant to me over the decades of life’s ups and downs. I was full of joy and anticipation, knowing the great future and sisterhood these women could look forward to and excited that my daughter would get to experience it. When Anne  nally saw me in the sea of sisters, I think we were both a bit emotional. We wanted to run across the room and hug each other, but we had to be patient and focus on the ritual. It was so special to be present with the all the sisters and share the moment together.
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