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Alumnae Spotlight: Charlene Peacock, Pittsburgh - Zeta Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Current Job: Principal Construction Consultant, Brashear Construction Consulting
Favorite Phi Sigma Rho moment/memory: I was the founding president of the Zeta Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh and as such, my experience with Phi Sigma Rho was a little less than typical. It was my  rst trial-by- re training in leadership. I spent most of my Junior year learning the mechanics of how to start a student organization at Pitt and how to meet the colony requirements set forth by National Council. We formed the colony my Senior
year. Knowing I would only be an active for a year, I had to focus on building an organization not for myself, but for those that would follow. This meant laying out a strong foundation and sometimes sacri cing my personal priorities for the good of the group. For me, my favorite moment was returning to the sorority after years of having kids and a career to  nd that the chapter was still going strong and had touched over 300 young women. An added bonus, four years ago they were accepted by the local Panhellenic Council and are now o cially Greek! I love that I get to be close to the actives now, serving as a liaison from the Zeta Alumnae Association to the active chapter.
Favorite quote or motto: “Loved by many, hated by few, respected by all.” My husband taught me this while we were dating in college and I was working on the colony. It taught me to temper my expectations and that I did not have to make everyone happy all of the time. I also love “A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.” Challenges present the greatest opportunities for learning. Sometimes it is learning a hard or soft skill, sometimes it is learning more about ourselves.
How do you balance a career with motherhood? It depends on the view. I believe balance can only truly be measured over years and lifetimes, and motherhood isn’t the end-all, be-all of family demands. Sometimes caring for aging or sick parents can pose a greater challenge than a toddler. It helps to accept that there will be times when family demands more of us and times when our career demands more. Accepting that you somehow don’t have to show each equal e ort and time, or that everything has to be perfect ALL of the time, is the  rst step to real balance. It helps to lay some ground rules (my husband and I agreed we would not both be in graduate school at the same time) and having a strong and equal partner that is willing to blur the lines of traditional family gender roles (Joe is quite skilled at brushing little girls’ hair and making ballet buns!).
Words of wisdom for other Phi Rhos: We spend our childhood looking up to parents and teachers that seem to always have the answers. It is strangely calming when you realize at work and at home, no one really has all of the answers; we are all equally trying to  gure things out for ourselves and often for the  rst time. It removes a lot of pressure when you realize you aren’t missing out on some obvious piece of information or perspective that everyone else has but you. It also means that we should not be afraid to share our perspectives, thoughts, and ideas, because, after all, the discussion wouldn’t be happening or the question would not have been asked if someone already had the answer.
Who is your role model and why? My dad. Although he never earned a college degree, he introduced me to engineering. He and I built a cardboard model of a nuclear power plant for my seventh grade science project and he was the  rst to teach me the Pythagorean Theorem, years before I learned it in school.
Best piece of advice you’ve ever received: Always be working toward your next job or assignment. Find a mentor that has that role now so that you can better understand the perspective, concerns, and objectives of that position. Understand how your future boss and customer view the role and what concerns them. Frame your discussions/presentations around the perspective of the boss and customer.
Spring 2019
Above: Pittsburgh - Zeta chapter active sisters in my family
Below: Myhusband,Joe,andI with our oldest daughter Kaylie
Above: My 40th birthday with my three daughters

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