National Committees



Chair - Elishka Jepson

The Historical Committee aims to collect, record, preserve, and present the history of Phi Sigma Rho for the future. The Historical Committee has many projects in mind that you can get involved with, including compilation of chapter histories, accomplishments of past National Councils,  and documenting the development and growth of the sorority.



Director - Liz Hertz

The Vice President of Programming shall appoint a National Leadership Director to oversee all leadership development within the Phi Sigma Rho Sorority. Once a year, this director will assess the state of leadership within the organization and make recommendations to the Vice President of Programming regarding all findings. Responsibilities will include overseeing all leadership programming and education within the organization, researching new leadership programming and executing leadership workshops when requested. 

Additionally, the Leadership Director will act as a leadership consultant for Phi Sigma Rho and is thus required to attend at least one professional leadership workshop a year. The Vice President of Programming shall report all requests for leadership education and programming to the Leadership Director within one week of receiving the request. The leadership director position shall last no less than the duration of the Vice President of Programming term. There shall be no limit to the leadership director position.

The Leadership Director may select a voluntary committee when needed.  Thecommittee will aid the Leadership Director with any LEAP activities. Any Active, Alumnae, or Honorary member may join the Leadership Committeewhen committee members are needed.  Any member of the committee may leave the committee at any time for any reason. The committee may be formed or disbanded as needed, at the discretion of the Leadership Director.



Chair - Lindsay Gelorme

The Nominating Committee receives and reviews platforms, conducts interviews, and slates candidates for National Council elections. Membership in the committee is a cross-section of Sorority membership including at least one alumna and one active member. Any committee member who accepts a nomination for National Council will resign and be replaced. The committee is chaired by the National Council Advisor.



Chair - Kendall Murphy

The Resumania Director is responsible for the overall execution of resumania. She’ll advertise the event, coordinate the resumania committee and facilitate the review of resumes. The Director will also coordinate and advertise Service Week with Sigmand to be held each spring.

The Resumania Director will appoint a Resumania Committee that will help promote resumania and review resumes per coordination with the Resumania Director.



Chair - TBA

The Ritual Committee defines the values and principles of the Sorority. Phi Sigma Rhos Ritual, in current state, has the potential to be brought to life more in daily sorority activities, sisterhood and what it means to be a Phi Rho. Unfortunately so many see Ritual synonymous with ceremony. On the contrary, Ritual ought to be what we live, intertwined with all that we do and the choices we make. In recognizing the opportunity, the 9th National Council has selected as one of the key deliverables for their term an effort to re-focus on the Ritual. The Ritual will be re-staged holistically via a Ritual committee consisting of alumnae and actives from diverse chapters. 

Service with Sigmand Week


Chair - Kendall Murphy

Service with Sigmand Week description ...