National Award Nominations 2019

Nominations for national awards are open until July 3rd 11:59 EDT.

The following are the awards to be awarded at Convention. If you know someone who fits the description for an award, please nominate her (even if she won't be at Convention). Non-members may even be nominated for certain awards.


Award Nominations Form


National Awards

President's Commendation

Eligible recipients: active, alumnae, honorary or non-member

Objective: The President’s Commendation may be presented to active, alumnae or honorary members who performed outstanding service to the Sorority or active chapter, or to non-members in special circumstances.


Distinguished Alumnae

Eligible recipients: alumnae

Objective: To recognize our sisters who have achieved success beyond Phi Sigma Rho in their chosen industry and serve as excellent representatives of our sorority.


Lifetime Achievement

Eligible recipients: alumnae or honorary

Objective: The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to alumnae and honorary members of the Sorority whose achievements in their field of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to the name of Phi Sigma Rho.


Engineering Champion

Eligible recipients: non-member

Objective: To recognize engineer, engineering technologist and university administrator non-members of the Sorority who have distinguished themselves by achievements in professional practice, teaching, or research or by championing the cause of promoting women in engineering and technical fields.


Chapter Advisor Award

The Chapter Advisor Award recognizes an outstanding alumnae advisor, faculty advisor, honorary advisor, or any other person serving in an advisor capacity of an active chapter.


Alumnae Officer Award

The Alumnae Officer Award recognizes an outstanding alumnae member serving as an officer of an alumnae organization


National Senior Award

The National Senior Award is presented to the senior in the Sorority who has best exemplified good character, given distinguished service to Phi Sigma Rho, and whose achievements in varied fields of student activity have brought honor and prestige to the name of Phi Sigma Rho. The recipient of the National Senior Award shall be selected from the recipients of the regional Senior Awards under the direction of the National Council. The National Council shall present the award at the summer national meeting each year.


Alumnae Awards

Orchid Award: Woman of the Year

Recipient has exemplified what it means to be a Phi Rho, in all areas. She shows by example that friendship, scholarship, and sisterhood are the ritual she follows for life. She may have significantly contributed in any one of the above areas.


Pearl Award: Exceptional Service

Recipient has shown exceptional service and long-term dedication to Phi Sigma Rho at either the National or local level.


2017 Convention Winners

We'd like to formally recognize the winners of the awards given out at the 2017 Convention. Congratulations to all of these amazing women!



Look for more information on the various awards that are given out in the next edition of The Key and consider nominating well-deserving sisters for upcoming awards!

Sister Shoutouts

June 2018

H/T Purdue Electrical and Computer Engineering, Facebook

2017 Distinguished Alumna Award Lila Ibrahim was recently named first Chief Operating Officer of DeepMind.


H/T Penn State College of Engineering

Mary Frecker, professor in the Penn State Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, has been named a 2018-2019 ELATE Fellow.


H/T The Exponent​​​​​​​

Phi Sigma Rho had a couple of award winners at the April 9th Greek Gala at Purdue University.

Panhellenic Association Outstanding Chapter Advisor: Elizabeth Holloway

Phi Sigma Rho and Fraternity and Sorority Catalyst Award: Phi Sigma Rho


H/T University of Wyoming​​​​​​​

Delaney Dent received the Recognized Student Organization Officer of the Year Award for her efforts in making Phi Sigma Rho a chapter at Wyoming.


H/T Wright State University, Alpha Zeta Chapter (Twitter)​​​​​​​

Congratulations to Megan on winning the Outstanding Student in Material Science and Engineering award!


H/T Holly Linder, Facebook​​​​​​​

Alright, how about some snaps for Ashwini Joshi (c/o 2017) & Kelly Marie(c/o 2018) from the UConn Theta Chapter?! These brilliant women represented Phi Sigma Rho well these past two graduation ceremonies as they graduated Valedictorian with a 4.0! That's back to back years of our sisters being "banner carriers", at the top of thousands of undergraduate engineering students, and basically killing it at everything in life. Congratulations on this very impressive accomplishment, ladies, you make all of us so proud <3


May 2018

H/T University of Arkansas

Olga Brazhkina, a junior at the University of Arkansas - Kappa Chapter, has been named a 2018 Barry M. Goldwater Scholar.  The Goldwater Scholarship is the nation’s most prestigious award for undergraduate students who plan doctoral studies and research careers in the fields of science, mathematics or engineering.


H/T Howard University, Phi Chapter (@phisigmarhohu, Instagram)

Kasandra Price, Howard - Phi, will graduate in May with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  As a GEM (National Gem Consortium) Full Fellow, Kasandra has a scholarship to Carnegie Mellon to pursue a  Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services The scholarship is sponsored by Intel Corporation.


H/T University of Pittsburgh, Zeta Chapter (@pitt_phisigmarho, Instagram)

Dani Broderick, Pittsburgh - Zeta, received the 2018 Greek Leader of the Year Award and Stephanie Folkmire, Pittsburgh - Zeta, won Sophomore Leader of the Year at the University of Pittsburgh's Blue Stars Red Carpet Awards.

Check Out These Cute Recruitment Videos

It's recruitment season! We've seen a lot of cute recruitment videos floating around lately, and we thought some of you might be interested in seeing some of them.




Ohio State Beta

Florida Tau

Purdue Alpha

Rutgers Xi


If your chapter has a video and it's not on this list, please post it to the Facebook group and/or email us a link at


Phi Rho's 2017 Homecoming Royalty

You might have seen our posts on social media, but today we're sharing some of our sisters who became royalty this past semester. Phi Sigma Rho had a few sisters who won homecoming titles at their respective schools, and we want to highlight these sisters with you

Feel free to share any we might have missed by emailing


Cayla Castells, Penn State - Lambda Chapter

Homecoming Queen


Fatema Janoowala, Houston - Upsilon Chapter

Homecoming Queen


Morganne Veal, Howard - Phi Chapter

Winner of the Miss College of Engineering and Architecture Pageant, Serving on Howard's Royal Court