2019 National Award Winners

During Convention Phi Sigma Rho recognized several chapters and individuals for their achievements over this past year. Please join us in congratulating this year's award recipients.

For a list of the previous year's winners, please see this page.

Chapter Award Winners

The Rashmi Khanna Scholarship Award
University of Toledo-Delta Chapter (0.035 increase in GPA)

The Abby McDonald Spirit Award
Purdue University-Alpha Chapter (103 events)

The Christine Mooney Service Award
Ohio Northern University-Iota Chapter (1,040 hours at an average of over 77 hours per member)

The Chapter Advisor Award
Kristin Boomer, Case Western Reserve University-Omicron Chapter.

National Senior Award
Alisa Rogers of the UCSD-Chi  Chapter

Rising to Excellence Awards
Ohio State University-Beta Chapter - Orchid Level
Missouri University of Science & Technology-Rho Chapter - Orchid Level


Service with Sigmand

In total, Phi Sigma Rho sisters from 15 different chapters completed approximately 1200 hours during this week, logging 500 more hours than last year! 

Most events
1st Place: Nu chapter, which hosted 5 group events
2nd Place (tie): Rho and Alpha chapters, which hosted 4 group events each. 

Most hours logged by a chapter
1st Place: Nu chapter (376 hours)
2nd Place: Xi chapter (308 hours)
3rd Place: Alpha chapter (102 hours)

Sigmand Active Award
Kaylie Bair (Nu chapter)
Sigmand Alumna Association Award
Sigma Alumna Association who collectively logged 12.5 hours over this week. 


Saturday Night Banquet Awards

President's Commendations

For helping to create and nurture a safe space for our LGBT+ sisters to connect, come together for support, and discuss issues.
Nichole Aquino, Connecticut-Theta
Rachel Rich, Kentucky-Epsilon
Award presentation video

For working hard to review platforms and resumes to slate or recommend candidates for National Council and mid-term vacancies to ensure the membership and National Council had guidance on candidates.
The Nominating Committee:
Lindsay Gelorme, Case Western-Omicron (Chair)
Monique Chinchar, Toledo-Delta
Lexi Heironimus, Wright State-Alpha Zeta
Nicolette Yovanof Little, Penn State-Lambda
Laurel McHugh, Toledo-Delta
Alisa Rogers, UCSD-Chi
Hillary Emer Taggart, Case Western - Omicron
Award presentation video

For their tireless efforts to collect historical information, including pictures and founding stories, from the membership and creating some amazing materials for our celebration of 35 years.
Elishka Jepson, Washington-Mu (Historian)and the Historical Committee:
Alaina Austin, Purdue-Alpha
Belle Jung, Purdue-Alpha
Emily Moll, Michigan-Eta
Rebecca Palmer, Purdue-Alpha
Aly Schwind, Toledo-Delta
Devin Stanke, Michigan-Eta
Hannah Weisman, Arizona State-Alpha Lambda
Award presentation video

Based on multiple nominations from sisters:
Katie Ricciardi, Kentucky-Epsilon
Award presentation video

Orchid Award for Woman of the Year
Ali Crupper, Kentucky-Epsilon Chapter

Pearl Award for Exceptional Service
Alex Caliguire, Toledo-Delta Chapter

Engineering Champion Award
Camille Schrier, Miss Virginia 2019
Video prepared by Camille after receiving the award

Distinguished Alumnae Award
Charlene Yauch, Purdue - Alpha Chapter

The Order of the Pyramid 2019 Inductees
Alex Caliguire, Toledo-Delta Chapter
Ali Crupper, Kentucky-Epsilon Chapter
Cara Redding, Connecticut-Theta Chapter
Dominique Fantasia-Amin, Penn State-Lambda Chapter
Stacey Horvitz, Pittsburgh-Zeta Chapter
Mona Kim, UCSD-Chi Chapter

Fabulous Phi Rho - 35 Year Edition
Beth Holloway, Purdue - Alpha Chapter


Letter from the Northeastern University Colony


We would like to introduce ourselves as the ladies of the Northeastern University Colony of Phi Sigma Rho. Our journey began when we noticed that there was a social engineering fraternity, but no equivalent sorority on campus. A simple Google search introduced us to Phi Rho, and thus began the numerous emails, meetings, and phone calls that stood in the way of us being recognized by our university. We fought very hard to become tentatively recognized as a club on campus, and were given a deadline of the end of Fall 2019 to become a chapter before we lose our tentative recognition.

Since our induction was on March 16th, 2019, we have been on an extremely tight timeline to complete all of the colonization requirements, but we’re determined to bring Phi Sigma Rho to campus. We inducted our Beta class on July 14th, 2019, and they are well on their way to completing their new member education despite having to dedicate many hours during the summer session to Phi Rho. We’re also working with our Panhellenic Council to become an associate member by Spring 2020. Additionally, we have an incredible amount of interest among the Northeastern community, and we currently have 35 total candidates.

As one of the first colonies in the Boston area, we’re proud to help expand the organization further into New England. At Northeastern University, we have a co-op program ingrained into our curriculum, where students work in the field for 6 months at a time to gain
hands on job experience. Unfortunately, this tends to create an inconsistent community because students are constantly coming and going from campus, so Phi Rho is great to tie people together and maintain those connections. Phi Rho also provides a haven for women who aren’t yet satisfied with their involvement on campus, and feel like they might not be included elsewhere.

Over the few months that we have worked together, we’ve all bonded and developed a great support network with one another. We’ve also been very active in the Northeastern community in our service, social, and philanthropic endeavours. Many existing Greek organizations are very excited to welcome us, and we’ve already established strong connections with a handful of them. We’ve also participated in service events such as making cards to send hospitalized kids, volunteering at a local church, and cleaning trash from our local Boston neighborhood. We also attended Northeastern’s Relay for Life, and raised $2,636.69 for the American Cancer Society.

We are very excited to continue to expand and make an impact on our campus and community, but we couldn’t have done it without help. Two of our members attended the National Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the love and support was overwhelming.

Although we can’t name everyone who has helped us, we want to specifically thank Melanie Larson and Siobhan McCarthy, our colony educators, and our mentor chapter, UConn.

Thank you all for welcoming us into your community, and we look forward to submitting our chapter petition!

The ladies of the Northeastern University Colony of Phi Sigma Rho


Letter from Cleveland State Colony

Hello everyone!

We are the Cleveland State University colony and are so excited to hopefully be installed within the next few months! We currently have ten women who are all engineering majors and range from freshman to graduate students.

With the help of our engineering college and other sponsors, we were able to send seven women to National Convention in Arizona this summer. For three of us, it was our first time flying, and for most of us it was our farthest trip “out west”. It was truly amazing to travel with each other and share first-time experiences like seeing cacti in nature!

All of the sessions we attended gave us all a new outlook of seemingly “common sense” topics and we are ready to use the information and advice learned for the upcoming semester to recruit our Beta class. Meeting other Phi Rho women and hearing about their experiences in life and the professional world was inspiring and empowering. It was great to see other colonies and share our stories and advice about being women of STEM, leadership, and most importantly: sisterhood!

We are all so thankful for this wonderful experience and are excited for our journey to become a chapter of Phi Sigma Rho!

Cleveland State University Colony


National Award Nominations 2019

Nominations for national awards are open until July 3rd 11:59 EDT.

The following are the awards to be awarded at Convention. If you know someone who fits the description for an award, please nominate her (even if she won't be at Convention). Non-members may even be nominated for certain awards.


Award Nominations Form


National Awards

President's Commendation

Eligible recipients: active, alumnae, honorary or non-member

Objective: The President’s Commendation may be presented to active, alumnae or honorary members who performed outstanding service to the Sorority or active chapter, or to non-members in special circumstances.


Distinguished Alumnae

Eligible recipients: alumnae

Objective: To recognize our sisters who have achieved success beyond Phi Sigma Rho in their chosen industry and serve as excellent representatives of our sorority.


Lifetime Achievement

Eligible recipients: alumnae or honorary

Objective: The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to alumnae and honorary members of the Sorority whose achievements in their field of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to the name of Phi Sigma Rho.


Engineering Champion

Eligible recipients: non-member

Objective: To recognize engineer, engineering technologist and university administrator non-members of the Sorority who have distinguished themselves by achievements in professional practice, teaching, or research or by championing the cause of promoting women in engineering and technical fields.


Chapter Advisor Award

The Chapter Advisor Award recognizes an outstanding alumnae advisor, faculty advisor, honorary advisor, or any other person serving in an advisor capacity of an active chapter.


Alumnae Officer Award

The Alumnae Officer Award recognizes an outstanding alumnae member serving as an officer of an alumnae organization


National Senior Award

The National Senior Award is presented to the senior in the Sorority who has best exemplified good character, given distinguished service to Phi Sigma Rho, and whose achievements in varied fields of student activity have brought honor and prestige to the name of Phi Sigma Rho. The recipient of the National Senior Award shall be selected from the recipients of the regional Senior Awards under the direction of the National Council. The National Council shall present the award at the summer national meeting each year.


Alumnae Awards

Orchid Award: Woman of the Year

Recipient has exemplified what it means to be a Phi Rho, in all areas. She shows by example that friendship, scholarship, and sisterhood are the ritual she follows for life. She may have significantly contributed in any one of the above areas.


Pearl Award: Exceptional Service

Recipient has shown exceptional service and long-term dedication to Phi Sigma Rho at either the National or local level.


2017 Convention Winners

We'd like to formally recognize the winners of the awards given out at the 2017 Convention. Congratulations to all of these amazing women!



Look for more information on the various awards that are given out in the next edition of The Key and consider nominating well-deserving sisters for upcoming awards!