Teresa Phillips

The recipient of the Orchid Award for Woman of the Year has exemplified what it means to be a Phi Rho, in all areas. She shows by example that friendship, scholarship, and sisterhood are the ritual she follows for life.

The nominator writes: words cannot describe how much I admire and am thankful for the recipient. She was always there to give advice, help brainstorm ideas, and just listen. She pushed me to be my best and had a knack for finding the positive in everything. She made me a better leader and provided opportunities that bettered me as a person. And she did it all behind the scenes, so you would never know that sometimes she gave me the strength to continue on in my role.  She has a way with words that even if she is telling you that you might not be right, it doesn't seem that way which is a skill I wish I had. She does all she can to empower those around her to be their best and gives them the motivation to continue when they feel like they have no more to give. She is a great sister and a great friend and I am a better person because of her.

The 2015 Orchid Award for Woman of the Year goes to Teresa Philips, Connecticut-Theta Chapter.