Kathy Lyall

At the 2014 National Leadership Conference, National Council announced Kathy Lyall (Dayton-Gamma) as the second recipient of the Phi Sigma Rho Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is presented to alumnae and honorary members of the Sorority whose achievements in their field of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to the name of Phi Sigma Rho.

Kathy served six years on National Council as Member at Large from 1998-2000 and as National President from 2000-2004. Under Kathy’s leadership, the National Council embarked on creating the first strategic plan. This led to such important milestones as creating our vision and mission; the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation; hiring our first employee; coast to coast expansion; and providing leadership programming for sisters.

By the end of her three terms, Phi Sigma Rho had quadrupled in size from four to 17 chapters, with 15 of those chapters chartered during her time as President. Without that rapid and well planned growth and the groundwork set by that strategic plan, we would not be where we are today. She is a significant influence on helping us strive to achieve our vision to be the foremost sorority for women in technical studies.

Over the years, Kathy has been admired for her leadership and vision. In 2009, Kathy was named a recipient of two Pyramid Builder’s Awards, which honored the 25 most significant contributions in Phi Sigma Rho’s history, for her strategic planning leadership and her work on the membership education committee.

In more recent years, Kathy has also served as the keynote speaker on volunteerism at the Phi Sigma Rho Sorority and Triangle Fraternity 2013 National Convention joint alumni luncheon. She also was a session speaker at this summer’s National Leadership Conference.

Professionally, Kathy is a Senior Engineering Manager at Stryker. She maintains four professional certifications through the American Society for Quality. Kathy also currently serves as Chairman of the American Society for Quality Section #1003 Battle Creek/Kalamazoo. She has a BS in Industrial Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton and an MS in Engineering Management from Western Michigan University.