Leadership Nominations and Elections

Every two years, Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority and the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation conduct leadership elections. All sisters of Phi Sigma Rho can be a part of this process by nominating herself or a fellow sister to be considered for election to the Sorority’s National Council or the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Nominations for the 2017 National Council and Foundation Board of Directors are now closed. To view the slate of candidiates selected by the Nominating Committee, please see the following link.

2017-2019 National Council Ballot

Nominations for Council and Board positions will be again be open in 2019. Missed the deadline to apply for a position, but still interested in being involved? Join the 2017-2019 Nominating Committee! See the following link for more information.

Join the 2017-2019 Nominating Committee!


Table of Contents

Phi Sigma Rho Sorority National Council

Phi Sigma Rho Foundation Board of Directors

Nominations Form

FAQs - National Council

FAQs - Foundation Board of Directors

2017-2019 National Council Ballot

About the Nominating Committee

Information About Joining the Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Application