Our National Council

Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority is governed by the National Convention and the National Council. The Convention serves as the legislative branch of the sorority and is comprised of each voting member of National Council and delegates from each chapter and the corresponding alumnae associations. The Convention is the final ruling party in judicial matters and meets biennially.

The National Council is composed of nine voting members and two non-voting advisors. It acts as the executive and judiciary body of the sorority. National Council meets biannually to review the affairs of the sorority, implement additional programming, adjust regulations and execute judiciary matters.

Council Officers

Teresa Phillips
National President



National President Teresa Phillips is an alumna of the University of Connecticut Theta Chapter where she graduated with a BS in Resource Economics.  She previously served as President, Director and ExOfficio of the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation as well as numerous roles within the Sorority including Vice President of Collegiate Affairs on the 12th National Council and Regional Field Director.  Professionally, Teresa is an Airport Revenue Manager for Enterprise Holdings.  In her free time, she also volunteers as a Lean IN Circle Leader and enjoys exploring St Louis, MO. 

The President presides over all National Council and National Convention meetings and directs and oversees the work of the National Council. She is the official national leader and spokesperson of the Sorority and has the power to appoint committees, call special meetings and designate a spokesperson in her absence. The President or her designated representative serves as an ex-officio member on the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation Board of Directors.

Emily Nguyen
Vice President of Standards

Cal Poly Pomona-Psi


Vice President of Standards Emily Nguyen is an alumna of the Cal Poly Pomona-Psi chapter, where she was one of the founding members of the chapter. She graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a British history minor from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Emily has served as alumnae advisor for the Cal Poly Pomona-Psi chapter and Regional Field Director for two west coast schools. She was a member of the Ritual and Member Education Committees. Professionally, Emily is an Operation Manager for FritoLay-Pepsico. She lives in Anaheim, CA.

The Vice President of Standards presides in the absence of the President and aids the President in any way deemed necessary. She is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies, Ritual, regulations and precedents of the Sorority. The Vice President of Standards receives all proposals for consideration at National Council and National Convention meetings, submits proposals on behalf of the National Council and oversees the adoption of approved proposals. She oversees all legal and insurance issues.

Stacey Horvitz
Vice President of Communications




Vice President of Communications Stacey Horvitz is an alumna of the University of Pittsburgh-Zeta Chapter, where she graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  She previously served as Chapter President, Convention Planning Committee member, Nominating Committee member, and VP of Finance for the Zeta Chapter Alumnae Association.  Professionally, she is a Project Engineer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  She currently lives outside of Philadelphia, PA.

The Vice President of Communications records and distributes minutes of National Council meetings and National Convention meetings and distributes the minutes of all National committee meetings. She oversees all communications including the creation and updating of Sorority publications and publicity materials including the newsletter, website, and social media, and the news-release packages.

Missy Mercurio
Vice President of Finance



Vice President of Finance, Missy Mercurio, is an alumna of the UC San Diego-Chi Chapter. She graduated with a joint BS in Mathematics & Economics. Missy previously served as President and Vice President of Administration for the Chi Chapter. Professionally, she works in the financial industry as the Director of Client Service for a firm with Ameriprise. She currently lives in Alexandria, VA.

The Vice President of Finance oversees all national purchases and payments; presents bills to members, chapters, colonies and alumnae organizations; and keeps a record of all national receipts and expenditures. She prepares and distributes annual budgets for review at National Council and National Convention meetings and prepares and distributes monthly reports on the financial status of the Sorority to the National Council.

Sophie Pouliquen
Vice President of Collegiate Affairs



Sophie Pouliquen is an alumna of the Purdue-Alpha chapter. She graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering in May 2014. Sophie previously served as Chapter President, Formal Recruitment Chair, Spirit Coordinator and Pledge Class President of the Alpha chapter. Professionally, she works as a Software Engineer for IBM within the Watson division. Sophie lives in Columbus, OH. 

The Vice President of Collegiate Affairs is the primary liaison for active chapters and chapter advisors to the National Council. She is responsible for maintaining communication with chapters in order to effectively represent them to the National Council. The Vice President of Collegiate Affairs maintains status reports on each chapter and its membership. She or her designated representative is to visit with each chapter.

Jennifer Lee
Vice President of Alumnae Affairs



Vice President of Alumnae Affairs Jennifer Lee is an alumna of the UCSD-Chi Chapter. She graduated with a BS in Molecular Synthesis from the University of California, San Diego. Jen is serving as the VPAA for her second term. She previously served as the Senior Alumnae Advisor for both the UCSD-Chi Chapter and Chi Alumnae Association. Professionally, she worked as a Quality Control Analyst for Alere and interned at Facebook on an Infrastructure team. She is now finishing her MBA in Information Systems, Operations Management, and Business Systems Consulting at the Simon Business School in Rochester, NY. 

The Vice President of Alumnae Affairs is the primary liaison between alumnae organizations and the National Council. She is to help continuously improve the alumnae organizations by providing the alumnae members with resources and fostering sorority ideals.

Angelina (Altshuler) Fishler
Vice President of Expansion



Vice President of Expansion Angelina (Altshuler) Fishler is an alpha class alumna of the UC San Diego-Chi chapter. She graduated with a BS in Bioengineering and continued at UC San Diego for her PhD where she was recognized as a Siebel Scholar.  Previously, Angelina was the colony adviser for Cal Poly Pomona psi chapter and the founding president of the UC San Diego chi chapter. Professionally, she is a process development engineer at Illumina. Angelina lives in San Diego, CA.

The Vice President of Expansion coordinates and implements expansion efforts. She may also be the primary representative of Phi Sigma Rho to a national governing body.

Sharon Waxmonsky
Vice President of Programming

Penn State-Lambda


Vice President of Programming, Sharon Waxmonsky is an alumna of The Pennsylvania State University Lambda Chapter where she graduated with a BS in Bioengineering with a focus in Material Science She previously served as LEAP director. Professionally, Sharon works for Johnson & Johnson in Bridgewater, NJ as a Supplier Quality Engineer. She loves to swim, bike, run, ski and make cupcakes.

The Vice President of Programming coordinates the implementation of Sorority programs and the educational and leadership training for members. She oversees programs and training for philanthropy, scholarship and other member development programs.

Laurel McHugh
Vice President of Membership



Vice President of Membership Laurel McHugh is an alumna of The University of Toledo Delta chapter where she graduated with a BA in Accounting and an MBA in Management.  She previously served as LEAP director, new membership education committee member, and conference liaison for the Phi Sigma Rho foundation.  In addition, she served as one of the Delta chapter alumnae advisors for four years.  Professionally, she is a business analyst at Thomson Reuters.  Laurel lives outside of Toledo, OH with her husband and two children.

The Vice President of Membership oversees all aspects relating to recruitment, new membership education, merchandising and trademarks, and rituals. She serves to maintain that the spirit of Phi Sigma Rho is represented appropriately at all times.

Allison Lenhoff
National Council Advisor



National Council Advisor Allison Lenhoff is an alumna of the Michigan-Eta chapter. She graduated with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and also holds a MS in Biomedical Engineering from Wayne State University. She previously served as National President, Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Publications. Allison is also currently an alumnae advisor for the Michigan-Eta chapter. Professionally, she is a Senior Design Release Engineer for General Motors. Allison lives in Birmingham, MI.

The National Council Advisor serves as a mentor and aids in transition. She also serves as the chair of the Nomination Committee and have other duties and responsibilities as determined by the President or National Council.

Helen Lu
National Council Active Advisor

Louisville - Alpha Gamma


National Council Active Advisor, Helen Lu, is an active member of the UofL-Alpha Gamma chapter. She is pursuing an Honors BS degree in Biomedical Engineering with a Chemistry minor from the University of Louisville. Within her chapter, Helen has held the positions of Chapter Lead, Standards Board member, Scholarship Chair, Secretary, Vice President, and is currently Ritual Chair.

The National Council Active Advisor is to serve as the voice of the active body on National Council. She will be responsible for speaking with actives, presenting their needs and opinions to National Council and providing insight from an active perspective.