Why Phi Rho

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Interested in starting a chapter? Phi Sigma Rho is constantly expanding with new chapters and colonies forming at colleges and universities across the nation. If you would like more information on the sorority and how to begin the process of forming a new chapter at your school, please contact the National Vice President of Expansion.


  • Sisterhood

    There are many different reasons to join a sorority, but at the top of that list is likely sisterhood. Our ritual connects our hearts and minds, forming strong friendships that last a lifetime. You'll go through tough times, but your sisters are there - understanding and supportive. Sisterhood events like retreats and formals unify the chapter and create everlasting memories. 

  • Philanthropy

    Greek organizations like Phi Sigma Rho have always been rooted in a deep commitment to service and philanthropy. Our sisters give many hours each semester to support any of our three nationally recognized philanthropic organizations, various other local groups and their communities.

  • Academics

    Many sisters join Phi Rho because it's a group of women who are looking for friendships and fun that will enhance their academic goals and support their achievements. Engineering is not easy - and we all know that! The support and encouragement from sisters with similar majors and classes is priceless. 

Life as an Active

  • Professional Development

    Our leadership training programs offer seminars focused on professional development such as interviewing tips and best practices, how to dress for our unique workplaces, and resume writing. Alumnae and actives also connect through our support network on linked in to discuss continuing professional learning and growth once in your job and how to build your career.

    Through our resumania program, actives can submit their resumes for review and comments to a group of alumnae volunteers from their same technical fields. Many of these alumnae come back to their alma maters or other schools to recruit for their companies. Networking with alumnae early in your academic career will help you find great co-ops at very desirable engineering companies!

  • Academic Support

    Study tables you can rely on, a classmate that never misses lecture, late night homework help - we're great at that! Engineering is tough, but our sisters are tougher because the support we give each other makes us strong. Many alumnae look back and aren't sure they would have made it to graduation without their sisters there to be a shoulder to cry on or be that hard-working lab partner who really wants the A+!

    Many of our sisters take on leadership opportunities within their college of engineering student councils,  honors fraternities such as Tau Beta Pi, and Society of Women Engineers.

    The Phi Sigma Rho Foundation gives out thousands in merit and need-based scholarships each year to deserving sisters to help you succeed!

  • Philanthropy and Service

    Phi Rhos give thousands of hours in service each year to communities and organizations across the country. Our three official philanthropies are Scouting for Girls, Leukemia & Lymphoma Education and Awareness and the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation.

    As a national organization, we support Girls, Inc and hold a Penguin Drive annually to benefit children's hospitals. 

    On campus, our chapters also participate in a wide variety of events, typically including events such as Relay for Life and dance marathons. On top of all these events, our chapters also support other philanthropies through participation in events by other greek organizations and their schools.

  • Leadership Experience

    From the beginning of your candidate class meetings, you'll have the opportunity to hold officer positions and become a leader in the chapter. There's always something to do, an idea to try, and a dream to achieve. Everyone can be a leader and learn to inspire and organize yourself and others to accomplish amazing things. Even after graduation, Phi Sigma Rho offers many ways to volunteer to continue to improve our organization!

  • Greek Community

    Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority with chapters nationwide. Our involvement in campus greek life varies by chapter.

    Phi Sigma Rho collaborates with Triangle fraternity at a national level through co-located national meetings and workshops, regional and local networking opportunities and supporting each other on campuses.

    Our recognition with the National Panhellenic Conference varies by chapter from unrecognized to full members. Our chapters have built flexible relationships with their Panhellenic councils. Leadership positions, dues, voting rights and recruitment varies depending on the chapter and council's relationship.

Life After College

  • Sisterhood

    Each year, alumnae reunite with their sisters at national conference and conventions and network with alumnae from all chapters. Just because you graduate doesn't mean that you've lost your support system! The strength of our sisterhood even as an alumnae is obvious through social networking groups and fun events like gift exchanges around the holidays and sharing each other's accomplishments through penguin shoutouts or highlights in our newsletters.

  • Career Development

    Ok, so you got your first job - well what now? Creating a career is tough, but our alumnae have great experience. We have many alumnae with deep technical experience, high-ranking leadership positions, and armed with a multitude of life lessons to network with. Many of our alumnae stay in the engineering field and have become great resources for actives, young graduates, and experienced alumnae!

  • Networking

    Through social media and conference and conventions, alumnae stay connected no matter the distance! From exercise to parenting to six sigma to work-life balance, our sisters remain a great resource for any and all topics. As the active sisters relocate to new areas for co-ops and their first jobs, regional groups of alumnae welcome them with events and in their workplace to make them feel connected and supported.