Alumnae Dues

Introducing the New Alumnae Dues Program!!

The National Alumnae Dues will be $35 a year.  

First time dues paying alumnae that have recently graduated from an undergraduate institution within the past two (2) years will receive a special rate of $19.84 for one year. 

There are some amazing benefits for paying voluntary alumnae dues and becoming an active alumna.

Active Alumnae benefits include:
●    5% discount at the online Phi Rho Store
●    Reduced registration at Convention/Conference
●    Free Membership to Snazzy Traveler (
●    Eligible to be elected to National Council and the Foundation Board of Directors
●    “Active Alumna” or “Lifetime Active Alumna” name tag ribbon at Conference/Convention
●    (optional) Name listed on the website as Active Alumnae Member or Lifetime Alumnae Member

A one-time payment of $150 will get you five (5) years of Active Alumnae status.  

Lifetime Alumnae Dues will remain at $600 and an installment plan of at least $100/year is available.  

Lifetime Alumnae Members will also receive a small token of appreciation (an exclusive jewelry piece).


Alumnae Dues Referral Contest

Congratulations to Janelle Becker, Ohio State - Beta, for winning the Alumnae Dues referral contest.  Her Phi Rho prize package will be shipped.  Thanks Janelle and all other alumnae for spreading the word on the benefits of paying dues and becoming an active alumnae to support the Sorority.



Payment Options

Please complete this webform.  You can pay via check made out to Phi Sigma Rho and mailed to Phi Sigma Rho PO Box 58304 Cincinnati, OH 45258.

Or you can pay via Paypal using these links.

Paypal Payments

One Year - Recent Graduate - $19.84

One Year - $35.00

Five Years - $150

LIfetime - Payment Plan - $100

Lifetime - $600


Please email the Administrative Assistant at if you have any questions or would like to check on your dues status.

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