Phi Rhos Abroad

In Zurich

How did all of these Phi Rhos meet up in Zurich?

Rachel Unger, Arkansas Kappa Chapter Active 
I'm part of the Phi Rhos Abroad Facebook group, as I'm currently doing an internship at the German Cancer Research Center. I was on a lab retreat this past week at the Lake of Constance, so I was thinking about visiting Zurich since it was only 1.5 hours away. Emily posted in the Facebook group to see if anyone had weekend plans, and I told her I was thinking about going to Zurich. Soon, Rachel Freeman offered to host us at her apartment! Along the way Kristin and Robin joined in!
I really love that no matter where you go, you always feel connected through Phi Rho. Using this Facebook group I had a fun weekend in Zurich, and got advice about Heidelberg (the city I'm currently living in) through a fellow Phi Rho who used to live here. I love how I can go anywhere in the world, and always have sisters I can hang out with and get advice from. 

Emily Moll,  Michigan Eta Chapter Active 
It was so great to be able to spend a weekend with sisters of mine from all over the country! When I went to conference last year, my favorite pet was making new friends with people I had this strong, common connection with. It was so great to continue that in Germany. I loved spending a weekend with ladies that felt like family instantly-- the sisterhood really is forever! 
We connected through the Phi Rhos Abroad Facebook group and then spent the weekend in Zürich at one sister's apartment. We explored the city, watched some opera, drank some wine, and ate a lot of chocolate! 

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