Letter from the Northeastern University Colony


We would like to introduce ourselves as the ladies of the Northeastern University Colony of Phi Sigma Rho. Our journey began when we noticed that there was a social engineering fraternity, but no equivalent sorority on campus. A simple Google search introduced us to Phi Rho, and thus began the numerous emails, meetings, and phone calls that stood in the way of us being recognized by our university. We fought very hard to become tentatively recognized as a club on campus, and were given a deadline of the end of Fall 2019 to become a chapter before we lose our tentative recognition.

Since our induction was on March 16th, 2019, we have been on an extremely tight timeline to complete all of the colonization requirements, but we’re determined to bring Phi Sigma Rho to campus. We inducted our Beta class on July 14th, 2019, and they are well on their way to completing their new member education despite having to dedicate many hours during the summer session to Phi Rho. We’re also working with our Panhellenic Council to become an associate member by Spring 2020. Additionally, we have an incredible amount of interest among the Northeastern community, and we currently have 35 total candidates.

As one of the first colonies in the Boston area, we’re proud to help expand the organization further into New England. At Northeastern University, we have a co-op program ingrained into our curriculum, where students work in the field for 6 months at a time to gain
hands on job experience. Unfortunately, this tends to create an inconsistent community because students are constantly coming and going from campus, so Phi Rho is great to tie people together and maintain those connections. Phi Rho also provides a haven for women who aren’t yet satisfied with their involvement on campus, and feel like they might not be included elsewhere.

Over the few months that we have worked together, we’ve all bonded and developed a great support network with one another. We’ve also been very active in the Northeastern community in our service, social, and philanthropic endeavours. Many existing Greek organizations are very excited to welcome us, and we’ve already established strong connections with a handful of them. We’ve also participated in service events such as making cards to send hospitalized kids, volunteering at a local church, and cleaning trash from our local Boston neighborhood. We also attended Northeastern’s Relay for Life, and raised $2,636.69 for the American Cancer Society.

We are very excited to continue to expand and make an impact on our campus and community, but we couldn’t have done it without help. Two of our members attended the National Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the love and support was overwhelming.

Although we can’t name everyone who has helped us, we want to specifically thank Melanie Larson and Siobhan McCarthy, our colony educators, and our mentor chapter, UConn.

Thank you all for welcoming us into your community, and we look forward to submitting our chapter petition!

The ladies of the Northeastern University Colony of Phi Sigma Rho