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Maddie Emslie, Purdue - Alpha Chapter

Maddie Emslie is a sophomore at Purdue University and a member of the Alpha Upsilon candidate class.  She is finishing her third year at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  This summer, she was a member of the last class for the Cassini mission and the only female intern from Purdue.  Maddie has also worked on the Mars Curiosity Rover team and designed and built robotics for the education outreach program.  She plans to continue to work at NASA and pursue a full-time career at NASA. 
Check out this article about Cassini's Last Class here.


Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Winners

All TBP Scholarships are awarded on the competitive criteria of high scholarship, campus leadership and service, and promise of future contributions to the engineering profession. All scholars are members of the Association.

Congratulations to the following Phi Rhos that received the Tau Beta Pi Scholarships.

Goonmeet Kaur R. Bajaj, Wright State - Alpha Zeta Chapter, Computer Science Major, Crouch No. 2 Award Scholarship
Courtney C. Montague, Kentucky - Epsilon Chapter, Mechanical Engineer Major, Record No. 1296  Scholarship
Elizabeth D. Smith, Cincinnati - Alpha Beta Chapter, Mechanical Engineering Major, Stabile No. 555 Scholarship